Sunday, March 18, 2007

If I Hear That Kaizer Chiefs Song One More Time.....

...but seriously, fair play to ya Ruby ya boy ya!

When the bean counters in Paddy Power Plc come to tot up their annual harvest of broken dreams and misused childrens allowance cheques, they'll find themselves EUR 80 short this year.

"What's the problem Jenkins?"

"Sir, it-it-it's the vast annual profits...."

"Well? Spit it out you blithering idiot!"

"They' see....well, they're 80 euro short."

"Good God man! Have you gone stark raving bonkers - it's not possible?!"

"It appears that one of the customers did us good and proper at Cheltenham...took us for 80 big ones. Sir, are you okay? You've gone a funny colour......"

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Rubaaaay!

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