Friday, March 16, 2007

Be Like Jeremy Bray - Let's Hit The Bookies For Six

What a day! Ireland snatch a thrilling draw in their opening Cricket World Cup match and TSA busts hard cash out of Paddy Power's high security vaults!

At a time of the year when to be Irish is to be drunk, the pasty-fleshed conga-liners in Kingston Town joined forces with the ne'er-do-well hordes at Cheltenham to get Paddy's weekend off to suitably oiled start. Now let's extract some more beer money from the reeling Mr.Power.

Inglis Drever did the business yesterday (many thanks to the good Reverend) but in general the policy of backing horses with nice names proved surprisingly flawed. Vic Venturi sleeps with the fishes, Thisthatandtother is easier on the space bar than the wallet, Madison du Berlais was too busy thinking about gentleman callers and Glen Campbell didn't even turn up, Rhinestone Cowboy instead being ridden by a small Irishman who wasn't even wearing a stetson.

But there's no need for any kooky system today. There is only one, two word question: Kauto Star? My answer is Yes! The horse who has won all before him this winter and is being touted as the heir to Best Mate's National Hunt superstar status is causing palpitations amongst the heavy-hitters trackside due to having clobbered fences to win at Kempton and Newbury.

Rather like Paul Gascoigne in the 1991 F.A. Cup final, his talent is so immense that he can only beat himself.

But you won't find me cowering in fear. I believe that, rather than go diving into Gary Charles' knee like Gascoigne, Kauto Star will imitate that other flawed genius, Diego Maradona, and glide past his rivals like they were so many toiling English defenders. The whole stake, thirty lids, on Ruby to bring home the bacon.

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