Wednesday, February 21, 2007

God Save All Of Us From This Nonsense

TSA is off for a few days R & R, but would be absconding our duties not to mention the events of Saturday coming at Croke Park. I'm afraid we're one of those people for whom the occasion has been deflated a little by the defeat against France. Beating England in the Six Nations is getting a little old now, especially without the greater motivation of a grand slam.

I'm also afraid we are a little too much of a modern-Tiger-cub-urban-sophisticate to get up for the prospect of 'beating d'English at Croker'. Sure, there will be disappointment if we lose, but only in pure rugby terms: we are a better team at the moment.

I'm all for tasty sporting rivalry with our former rulers, and enjoy that little bit of edge that remains from 800 years of oppression and all that, but those for whom Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson represent the grandsons of the Black and Tans are living in a derangement that is utterly unfair to the sporting traditions between the two countries that have developed since our independence. The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.

Anyway, any rugby person will tell you that the English rugby side were the first international sporting team to come to these shores after the outbreak of the troubles, when even some of our kindred Celtic neighbours would not.

As for God Save the Queen: the only sensibilties it should offend are those of music-lovers.

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Anonymous Cahony said...

I agree, what could have been a great 6N for Irish rugby has been totally overshadowed by non-rugby press and general nationwide social and cultural navel-gazing about the implications of the games at Croke Park. Of course there's also been the disappointment on the pitch to take stock of.

All the talk about matters Croker and non-rugby has been even more painful than the never-ending closure of Lansdowne was. Aside from matters on the pitch I suggest the players will never have been as glad to see the back of a 6N as they will be this year.

Don't forget to pop out of your R&R to drop over to In Fact, Ah tomorrow with your predictions for match weekend 3 though!

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