Monday, February 19, 2007

Get On Telly You Attention-Seeking Desperado

TSA got an email from Joss Crowley of Wildfire Films who are making a documentary about the kerfuffle in Saipan (now nearly five years ago, sheesh!). They are looking for people with outlandish stories of those couple of weeks when the Irish nation was rent in twain for the lack of a few skips of footballs. And I quote:

Tricolour hearse driven from Dundalk to FAI HQ at Merrion Square; Cork city protest marches; Builders downing tools in Galway ... I am currently researching a television doc on how ordinary people went to extreme lengths to vent their anger and frustration at Roy Keane's sending home/omission from Ireland's 2002 World Cup.

We need to hear stories of extraordinary public displays of emotion, protests, demos, boycotts, petitions - as a result of the Keane/McCarthy feud and fallout of May 2002 from all over the country. If you remember any protests/demos etc or were involved in them, please get in touch! If the story is strong enough, it could end up on television!

Contact Joss at if you made an eejit of yourself in 2002 and want to get on telly talking about it.


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