Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mama Good Luck Movin' Up, Cos I'm....Movin' Out!

TSA is currently moving premises, taking up residence in a swanky new northside (northside is the new southside, did you know that? Oh yes...hey, stop pissing on my front window!!) facility. In the interim period, access to internet facilities is reduced to rushed minutes in internet cafes whose Congolese owners charge too uncompetitively for me to spend lazy hours therein, lost in sporting reverie; therefore proper postings will be less regular.

In the meantime, stuck as you must be for post-prandial reading, here's Simon Barnes (yes, I know, I quoted him last week too...but he's a horsey type and it'll all make sense) on the passing of the late, great - and of course "beloved" - Desert Orchid.


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