Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some Movies Not in 2006 Oscar Contention

A thrilling tale of one football association's fearless struggle to uncover the hidden corruption in their country's game, leaving no stoned unturned in the hunt for truth.

Starring Kevin Costner as maverick FA Compliance Director Skip McGonagle, and Chris O'Donnell as his eager assistant Mike Newell.

Guest starring Christopher Walken as Sven Goran Eriksson

MULLET - The Revenge
Because great haircuts never die. Chuck Norris plays Shane Byrne, a washed up rugby player days from retirement, who risks it all in bloody style for the honour of the haircut he loved. Evil IRFU plotters are attempting to destroy the mullet - but haven't reckoned on one man's dream of a world where mullets run free.

Also starring Pete Postlethwaite as The Mullet

Using an ancient spell kept deep within the secret chambers of the Daily Mail offices, the English FA raise the great wartime leader from the dead to lead their team to glory and free them from the clutches of Scandinavian oppression, but live to regret their decision when, on the eve of the World Cup Final, Winston recalls the decaying corpse of General Montgomery to play on the left wing.

Guest starring Christopher Walken as Sven Goran Eriksson

The Crucible theatre in Sheffield is stunned when a gang of snooker playing kung-fu monks attempt to foil a plot to steal the World Championship trophy: Its end of break for the bad guys! Stephen Chow directs an all-star cast including Chow Yun-Fat as gang leader Steve Davis and Jackie Chan at his trick-shotting best as John Virgo.

Also starring Michelle Yeoh as that woman referee


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