Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Passing on the Mantle

Apart from being male, not being called Colleen O'Shanahan, not being from New Jersey and not having red hair, I feel much like a former Rose of Tralee today. You see, just like the expired Rose does in the Dome every year, I have handed on the tiara and sash of Best Irish Sports and Recreation Blogger after a glorious one year reign.

Arseblog is the new one who's lovely and fair as a rose of the summer (insert gag about that being the only thing Arsenal will win this season here), and a heartfelt and thunderous congratulations on taking on the mantle. A fine blog and well worthy of this none-more-prestigious honour.
Unfortunately I couldn't be there in person to pass on the baton, but am delighted that another blogger's hard work was rewarded. And personally, one year of helping deaf pandas avoid landmines in Borneo and playing tennis with Kofi Annan is enough for anyone.

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