Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ooooh-klahoma Where the Football Coaches Are Insane!

In the clip below, Mike Gundy, coach of Oklahoma State college football team unleashes the most spectacularly virulent attack on a newspaper columnist I've ever seen. Frankly, it makes Billy Morgan sticking an Irish Examiner journo's dictaphone down his pants look like an act of Christ-like generosity.

Gundy's rant was aimed at Jenni Karlson, writer of this piece in The Oklahoman newspaper, which criticised the poor form of Oklahoma State quarter-back Bobby Reid.

It is of particular interest to GAA managers, given Gundy's belief that Reid's 'amateur' status (college footballers are unpaid, but their hardship is offset by scholarships worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition fees, accomodation etc.) should protect him from criticism. This is an oft-whinged managerial line in Gaelic games, as in "dem fellas sayin' dem things about dese fellas who have to go to work on Monday morning, 'tis a disgrace."

But that's not all, Gundy's contention that anyone who is a child of a, er, parent should be absolved from critical analysis could, were it to catch on, rather narrow the options for those in the punditry game.

And the classic "where are we at as a society today"? Spoken like a true, grumpy old dad!


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