Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Roy and Alex- A Heartbreaking Tale

A few days ago I was engaged in a conversation with a member of the fairer sex (a noteworthy event in itself) the subject of which was men's devotion to football, and her complete bafflement at that phenomenon. In the course of that discussion, in explanation of the massive popularity of The Premiership, I defined it in terms the poor lamb would understand: The Premiership is soap opera for men.

Even the name kind of sounds like a soap opera, like "The Clinic", or "The Practice, or "The Abattoir" or whatever. "A tale of everyday vulgar millionaire folk..."

Anyway, if the Premiership is a soap opera, then Roy Keane and Alex Ferguson must occupy a similar position in the credits scroll as Ken and Deirdre, Biddy and Miley, Angie and Den - characters we've followed through ups and downs, tears and laughter, success, failure and, ultimately, divorce. Not that anyone is suggesting that Roy Keane will end up dead in a canal, shot by a bunch of flowers. Unless....

Of course Roy's most dramatic storyline until last Friday's episode, the one that had the nation talking and the ratings soaring, was Saipan (ok, it was shot on location, and had some different cast members, but you get the drift. Think it was meant to be a Christmas special). The interesting thing about that plot line was how the story progressed. Initially Roy was the bad guy, letting the nation down, and that nice Mick too, what had he ever done to deserve that? The rat!

Then, as time progressed, the script seemed to rehabilitate Roy. People thought "hey, maybe Roy was right about that Mick guy and those no-good FAI fellas". Mick was killed off, the Genesis report followed, Brian Kerr (previously seen only in children's TV productions) arrived on set and old Roy was a family favourite again. Sure, plenty of people would never forgive him for what he did, but you just couldn't keep such a good character like that down for long.

Hadn't seen the like of it since Bobby Ewing came out of the shower.

So I wonder how this story is going to play out? As Roy and Alex pick up the pieces of their broken marriage, what will happen next? Will Alex plead "come back Roy, I'm nothing without you!". Will Roy grow bitter and twisted, take up with a another team on the rebound and find his part is getting smaller all the time?

Or will the fans make the decision? Will the ratings slump without the dramatic intrugue of football's most famous marriage? Will popular demand dictate that the writers get rid of Alex and bring back Roy? Or is everyone too distracted by that new Russian family down the road?

Tune in next week to find out....


Blogger DrCelt said...

You should tell her that it's a blessing that men are so into football, because then they know what kind of form their men are in. If they aren't, God knows what they could be into? Sex and the City? (shudders)

7:30 p.m.  
Blogger DrCelt said...

talking about ends of eras, it looks like Georgie is on his way out, they're talking hours now

2:41 p.m.  

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