Thursday, June 09, 2005

A selection of Leaving Certificate Questions 2005

1. If a plane leaves Dublin at 7.00am in the morning and circles around some foggy rocks for three hours, how drunk will the passengers be when the plane lands in Dublin at 6pm?

2. Explore the use of one of the following themes in the work of Clinton Morrison: aimless galloping, jammy goals in qualifiers, embarassment by youth, geezerness.

3. Compare and contrast degrees of terror in the following examples: Kevin McBride versus Mike Tyson; the Lions front row versus the Maoris; the Battle of the Somme

4. Which is the correct reaction to Euro 2005?:
a) A wonderful celebration of the broadening of a sport's appeal and the breaking down of traditional gender barriers
b) Why are there women playing football on my telly?

5. Chemistry: Who will win this year's Tour de France?

6. Translate the following phrases into German:
- Can you please tell me the best way to the sex huts?
- Thank you for the beers Fraulein. Now can you please explain to me the principles of the Reinheitsgebot?
- Where can I purchase a novelty leprechaun costume?

7. Locate on the attached map, and describe notable topographical features of, the following possible destinations for Liverpool in the Champions League preliminary round:
a)Pyunik Yerevan
b)F91 Dudelange
c)Kairat Almaty

8. Arrange the following historical characters in order of evilness: Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Peter Kenyon.

9. If an Offaly fan drives for two hours from Birr to Croke Park, how many ham sandwiches will he have eaten in that time? Plot the results on a graph.

10. The inevitable Chelsea transfer sagas will be the highlight of my summer, and not in the least bit mind-numbing. Discuss.


Blogger ian rush's moustache said...

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Blogger ian rush's moustache said...

true story: on wednesday night, the irish fans who had failed to get to the faroes due to the fog set up camp in the bars in dublin airport. In the build up to the game, one of the many wags stood at the door to the bar, loudly repeating the phrase " anyone buying or selling tickets?". Genius.

2:20 p.m.  

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